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What is Biophilia and why is it so important?

Biophilia is changing the way we work, live, and operate within a built environment. Defined as “humanity's innate need to connect with nature and the natural environment”.

With this in mind, Main Interiors is opening it’s design style to include more plants and naturalistic aspects to their individual stylings of environments.

Linking back to our other blog, “A love of life” we discussed natural materials we used to furnish our designs. In this post we’re going to dive more in to what plants will not only look incredible in your homes, but how they also benefit your health!

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety and are looking for a plant that would benefit not only your mental help but brighten up and bring beauty into your home the Monstera Deliciosa aka the cheese plant would be a perfect. With it’s speedy growth and massive leaves, the cheese plant helps you to remember growth is steady in every part of life, connecting with your house plants, getting in tune with them will help your mental health as well as bringing that naturalistic feel in to your home.

Cheese plants are very easy to get hold of, you can find them at your local plant shop, even B and M bargains. They are very easy to take care of and very resilient when it comes to growth! The only con is they are toxic for animals so if you were to get one make sure to keep out of reach of your little furry friends.

If you ever have trouble sleeping a great plant to incorporate into your designs would be the snake plant, the snake plant produces more oxygen at night, with clean air in your home this will not only better your physical health but also your mental state. The snake plant is very low maintenance it doesn’t need a lot of light or a lot of water!

A very forgiving beauty is the Pathos, known as devil’s ivy due to its resistance to death. If you worry about neglecting your natural friends, you will love a pathos! It is extremely hard to kill, it can go weeks without a drop of water. By including a Pathos in your designs you can remove VOC’S and toxins from the air, as well as releasing carbon monoxide and xylene to balance the air in your home to better improve your mental state!

Last but not least is the gorgeous Peace Lily, a plant that NASA found to be one of the most effective plants at filtering harmful toxins and pollutants in your home or work space. Adding one to your home can reduce toxic household chemicals and eliminate mold spores, which can cause irritation of the eyes, throat and skin, helping to improve your physical and mental health!

Main Interiors can’t express enough how much plants can bring a space together as well as benefiting your mental well being.

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