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A feature wall is perfect for highlighting any focal points in a room such as a chimney breast or alcoves. However, if you don't have a focal point then a feature wall can create this in its own right. Check out our tips for bringing a real wow factor to your space.

There are some things to consider before deciding on creating a feature wall:

Which wall will be your feature?

This is often the first wall you see as you enter the room so as to create impact as soon as you enter. A relatively hidden away wall may not be the best investment of your time and money.

What is your budget?

There are so many options out there and the costs will be a varying as the choices! Don't forget to take into account the cost of labour as well as the materials that you need to pay out for.

Does the room lend itself to a feature wall?

Big rooms are great for feature walls because they will not be overwhelmed by something bold. Small rooms can also have a feature wall, but maybe consider a more subtle colour pallet than you might in a larger space. A feature wall may be lost in busy room with lots of furniture and nik-naks. However don't let this put you off. Your collections of nik-naks don't need to be carted off to the charity shops, they can be arranged suitably or even become part of your feature!

What do you like?

Don't forget that this is your home and you have to live there. It's all well and good following what you've seen around but if it's not quite your style then choose something that you love!

When you've taken these things into consideration it's time to get thinking about your design and how you're going to revamp your room!


Paint can be a simple and cost effective solution for creating a feature wall with ease. While it may seem obvious, it doesn't have to be dull. Why not try a simple a graphic look for an undated and unusual look. Why try to disguise the angles of an awkward roof when you can celebrate them and bring them in to your interior design. Frog tape is your friend when trying out this technique!

We love to do this to highlight other features such as shelving. It can really draw the eye to your collections of goodies that you want to display. This is also great for highlighting a feature in a smaller room

Wall coverings

Whether you like rustic charm or sleek and contemporary style, wallpaper is another very versatile and quick solution to creating a stunning feature wall.

Warehouse style apartments have become increasingly popular but don't despair if you don't happen to live in one, the look can be recreated with a variety of wall coverings. Popping up some brick effect wall paper into a alcove and create yourself a snug little office space with minimal effort and spend for maximum impact. If you want something more authentic then brick slips are the answer (although considerably more expensive).

Creating a soft and sleek look with wallpaper is perfect for a bedroom. Having something with a bit of sparkle adds a real sense of luxury to your feature wall.

A full wall mural will be a real show stopper. The choice of designs that are available is vast and there will be something there for every taste and mood. Really think of the atmosphere that you want to create in the room. Is this an entertaining space that you like to party in or is it your cozy, relaxing area? Designs can be chosen and sized specifically for your wall.

Bespoke walls

Why go for something anyone can have when you can commission something unique to you?! We commission a local artist to make us some STUNNING feature walls. Obviously this will have a greater cost than some other options but you will end up with something bespoke to you.

Check these beauties out:

Your own collections

This can be a gallery wall of photos or something a bit more unusual. If you collect anything that's taking up space in your cupboards or on your surfaces then get those lovely things up on a wall!

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