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Locked down?! Update!

With the crazy lock down situation that we all find ourselves in at the moment, it's no wonder that we're turning our attention to our homes and gardens.

Although some of us may have the time to redecorate and re-do our houses and gardens at the moment, we can't actually go out and buy new furniture and soft furnishings, nor can we get the builders and decorators in. So what can we do? Here are a few easy updates that you can try your hand at to give your home a little lift!

1. Up-cycle

Do you have a piece of furniture that could do with a new lease of life? How about some old tester pots of paint?

A quick sand down and lick of paint can work wonders on furniture without having to purchase any materials. If you do have some tester pots of various colours from over the years this is the perfect use for them!

What about recovering a favourite chair? While a big upholstery project maybe a too much of

an ask, a chair with a 'drop in' seat is a really good start. Also you wont need much fabric. So if you're anything like me, you've picked up a few pieces of fabric along the way purely because you loved the pattern and although you didn't have an immediate use for it, just bought a meter so that you could own it. Well, this is a great use for that stray meter of beautiful cloth. Stretch it over and staple it down, give the rest of the chair a little splash of a paint and there you go!

If you don't have any furniture that you want update then why not try dyeing some cushions, curtains or bedding? Try out some ombre dip dye, use some colours from the pallet that you already have in the room or go wild and add a new accent!

2. Move things around

It's easy to get bored of things when you see them all the time. While you have the time, you maybe tempted to pack everything up ready for when you can get them to the charity shop. Hold on a second...that vase that has been on the living room window sill for the last few years may look beautiful on the kitchen shelf. By moving some of your belongings around you will start seeing them in a whole new light.

Try moving your artwork into different rooms, group different collections together on different surfaces. Remember that it doesn't hurt to try moving things to other locations and they could possibly look and function even better in another room.

While you're at it you could start repositioning some of your furniture, waking up with a different view might just give your whole day a new perspective!

3. Cleaning

Ok, this sounds boring but it really will give your home a lift! We're not talking a quick whip around with the hoover and duster. Get the curtains in the washing won't believe the difference that this will make. While the curtains are down, give the windows a good polish and watch the light stream in again.

Spruce up the front of your house, a quick sweep of the floor and a wash of the door will really brighten up the view from the outside to welcome you home from your walk!

By doing a few of these simple things you won't want to do anything other than Stay home and Stay safe!

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