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Japandi is on trend for 2021 . Japandi style blurs Japanese minimalism with pared back Scandi cool. The Japandi trend, adopted by design lovers for it's minimalistic and harmonious style, offers simplicity and function and a timeless design. Styles featuring black, neutral earthy hues and lots of mood-boosting greenery.

A pallet of monochrome tones and earthy hues is punctuated by greenery and pops of colour to create a calm and relaxing space that is edgy amd luxurious at the same time.

We love this trend, it's welcoming, cool and sophisticated. See how we created this look in our latest show home at the Chocolate Factory in Bristol.

We wanted to incorporate the long industrial history that is attached to this iconic Bristol site, rustic materials and a black and white pallet do just that, the touches of colour, layers of textures and abundance of greenery give the property its warmth and inviting edge.

Kitchen and Dining

Matt Grey cabinets with sleek metal handles and concrete effect worktop are a perfect starting point for a modern and stylish kitchen design and can be styled in so many ways. We wanted to add some texture to this kitchen/dining space with a wooden topped dining table and metal chairs. Natural materials such as bamboo and wicker lend the softness. While pops of teal, pink and orange bring the warmth and fun.

With an open plan ground floor living space, this feels like a social home and so we dressed it as such with relaxed dining and comfortable mismatching of patterns in the soft furnishings. No one wants to walk into a home a feel that they can't jump on to the sofa, or grab them selves a plate of food.

Although there is a mix of patterns and textures, everything has been carefully considered, the ferns and leaves on the cushions mirror the greenery on the dining table display. The wire frames of the mirrors echo the design of the dining chairs and table legs.

While the Japandi trend is a based on a minimal and pared back palette, it needn't feel cold and uninviting. We created some beautiful bedrooms for this home that would promise a cozy nights sleep and ensure that anyone would wake up feeling fresh and alive.

Master bedroom

We wanted his room to hint at luxury and indulgence without being overstated. The black framed canopy bed was a must have here. It speaks of grandeur but doesn't dominate the space.

This is a house blessed with big windows and lots of light and we didn't want to distract from this. By using furniture that can be 'seen-through' the feeling is kept delicate and fresh, even with the monochromatic colour scheme.

Greenery, soft furnishings and artwork bring the room to life.

Second Bedroom

Again we used the same basic colour palette here but wanted to add a touch of fun and playfulness.

While the metal framed bed is industrial, the generous curves of the headboard are comforting. This is reflected in the round shapes of the mirrors. Wooden tones were brought in here to add warmth and natural textures.

And who could miss that colour pop?! We love a bit of bright coral, a perfect pairing with the greenery.

You don't always have to balance a bed with matching bedside tables. Here we have used a chest of drawers with a floor lamp on the other side. The large artwork balances the high of the lamp and helps to draw the eye around the room to yet more giant windows.

Third bedroom/Study

With so many of us working from home these days there is high demand for home offices that really deliver. Squeezing your laptop between your coffee cup and breakfast plate simply won't do! Here we wanted to create a workable office space that was not only functional but also beautiful.

Natural bamboo and rattan create a light and airy feel, while the black desk and leather chair nod to the functional nature of the room. All softened by plants and artwork.


There is no reason why a bathroom can't be just as show stopping and indulgent as any other room in your home. The bathrooms at this house are very generous and packed with luxury. While we like to keep our ugly toiletries hidden in handy drawers it's always good to leave out some nice, soap, lotions and hand creams to pamper yourself with.

As with the rest of the house we wanted to bring in plants and natural elements here. The beautiful textured tiles give a hint to the beach and who doesn't want to lounge around in the water at the beach?!

We so enjoyed putting this scheme together and the result is stylish, calming, sophisticated and welcoming. No wonder every unit in this development has already been snapped up!

Behind the scenes....

At Main Interiors we LOVE install day! It's when all the designing, planning, purchasing and decisions come together. While it's always full on its so much fun!

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