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The dinner table has always been an important feature for any home. It can be a place to reconnect with family, entertain guests, work from or dance on top of after a few glasses of vino, but, whatever you use it for, sometimes it ’s nice to give it a new look for different occasions or a mini makeover which can really lift the whole room. Here are 3 different ways to transform your dinner table.

1. Let your table tell the story for the rest of the room. High gloss furniture, dark hues and a botanical theme can all be brought together by matching your tableware and center-piece with your wallpaper. Use a contrasting table-runner to help break it up and add diversity.

2. For a minimal rustic theme, keep it simple and light, choose earthy colours, good quality statement pieces and natural finishes. Use textures such as wood, stoneware, dark cutlery, a plane table runner and add a simplistic table plant as the center piece.

3. If you have a smaller dinner table then layering up your dinner wear and using simple table mats means you can still add lots to the table without it looking cluttered. Then try using two bold, contrasting colours to create something more laid back, fun and sophisticated.


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