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With a to-do list as long as an octopus’ tentacle, places to be, people to see it’s hard to find time for yourself in today’s hectic world. That’s why we love the octopus home trend, it’s kind of like having an extra pair of hands or eight, to help you around your abode. Why not indulge yourself in an octopus bottle holder and let your ocean friend hold the fizz whilst you sit back and drink away!

Or perhaps you want to meditate or do some yoga by candle light? Why have just one candle when you can have eight, with the octopus candle holder!

It doesn’t end there, get a mini octopus to help organize your post-it notes and to do lists with our glass octopus paper weights.

Bring a bit of octopus into your life and you will soon need to find something else to keep you octopied


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