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The excitement of Christmas is over and new year celebrations have ended. The party poppers have been popped, the fizz has gone flat and all you’re left with is a floor full of pine needles and the memories of drunk dancing and the distant screams of Auld Lang Syne.The Christmas hangover is in full swing and you’re back to work and trying to keep motivated through the endless gloomy days and nights but, not all is lost,below are some tips and products to help you through the month and to brighten up your January.

1. Be grateful - January is the month for setting goals for 2020 but goal-setting can also add pressure to an already overwhelming month. Why not start a gratitude journal instead and list everything you are grateful for in 2019.Appreciating what we already have is a great way to combat stress,improve sleep and lift your mood.

2. Save a little - The Christmas presents, food and booze spending have drained your bank balance and it’s time to get your finances back on track. Start small by storing any loose change in a

money box. It's all about small achievable steps and after a few months of saving go and treat yourself to something nice.

3. Detox your home and get organized - Research shows that de-cluttering can decrease stress and anxiety and help you feel more in control. So go ahead,have a good clear out, get of rid of all the bits you haven't used or worn in 2019 and make space for new stuff. There's nothing better than starting the year feeling on top of things.

5. Happy food - Eating the right foods will also help increase energy levels and keep you healthy over the winter months. With the lack of sun, we’ve got to find alternative ways to get our Vit D intake. Stock up on plenty of fruit, veg & eggs! Also use some healthy recipes to keep you busy on cold winter nights by making a warm soup, broth or stew.

6. Treat yourself - This January and take some much-needed relaxation time. Christmas and New year can be stressful and going straight back into a heavy work-week can really take it out of you. Take some time out for yourself: do nothing, light a candle, meditate, listen to some chill- out music and take a well-earned break.

7. Light it up - With it being endlessly dark outside. Bring some extra light inside and have some fun with it.

8. See your friends and socialize - It’s good to rant and share your January woes. If you’re not doing dry Jan, then have a G&T together or if you are doing dry Jan then put your feet up, get the popcorn in and have a night in with a movie or box-set.

9. Bubble bath - Have as many baths as possible. With the long cold nights, what else is there to do? Download a feel-good Podcast, lie back and blow bubbles.

10. Win something!-To help you get motivated through-out Jan,we are giving away a £50 spend online with our Instagram competition which we are running alongside the fabulous home hashtag #thiscreativehome. All you have to do is follow the hashtag and the hosts and use the hashtag for all your January home pictures. The lucky winner will be announced at the end of the month. Good-luck!!


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