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Updated: Jan 29

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s that time of year again to treat yourself and your loved ones and we don’t think there’s any need to leave the house! Instead we want to help you create the perfect night in, with tips to tickle all the senses and build a romantic night at home. You want to create a mood that is inviting, warm and cosy and provokes romantic images: your bed floating through the waterways of Venice on a starry night or a log cabin in the woods; listening to the rain tapping against the window, that sort of thing. There are several ways this atmosphere can be created anytime and anywhere with just using a few items!!

1. Lighting Low level lighting, twinkly lights and candles can really help build that dream-like enchanting ambience. Different lamps around the room and scattered candles can help set the romantic tone.

2. Fill your room with the colours of love. The colour red represents passion and various shades of pink signify love and friendship.

3. Fragrance

There’s nothing more romantic than an evening by candlelight and using scented candles are even better, filling the room with floral notes and intoxicating aromas.

4. Soft furnishings.

Softening the appearance of the room can help to create a dreamy, cosy atmosphere. Velvet cushions in deep red and pink, throws, long soft curtains, sheepskin or leopard print rugs and good quality linens to wrap you up in a warm hug of a room.

5. The floral effect Freshly cut flowers and floral patterns bring a delicate, sensual feel to the space, filling the air with the fragrance of spring and a blossoming romance. Add some floral wallpaper or a mural, floral cushions, elegant vases and luxurious bedding.

6. Styling Draping, scattering and layering your soft furnishings and fabrics around the room can add depth and help create the romantic, disheveled look and cosy snug effect.

7. Now all that’s left to do is whack on some Barry White and pour the champagne. Happy Valentines everyone!


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