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What is home staging?

Professional home staging services are curated interior décor and styling for the whole house designed to attract potential buyers. A ‘show home’, if you will.  People look online before arranging to view a house, and guaranteed, a beautifully styled interior will get the viewing requests. 

To quote; ‘The theory is simple: potential buyers aren’t just looking for a house, they’re looking for a home. A staged home helps a potential buyer imagine your home as their own and thus increases their willingness to pay for it’.


Home staging is particularly effective if you live in a unique, individual new build. Two of my most recent meetings have been with architects who have built individual, one-of-a-kind new builds which are unique and different to the standard two-up-two-down layout. Whilst highly impressive buildings, this can make it even harder for potential buyers to visualise themselves living in the space and feeling at home.

The key to home staging is that its very different to the way you live in the property. It’s about being aesthetically pleasing and showcasing the space. Presenting a lifestyle. Think like a mogul. 

Invest to get the most return on investment for your biggest asset.

Suburban Homes

Home Staging Facts

With a few techniques and a small investment, there are numerous benefits to home staging when you list your house on the property market.

According to the Real Estate Home Staging Association, staged homes:

  • Typically sell for more money.

  •  End up on buyer’s ‘must-see’ lists &  are considered well-maintained.

  •  Have fewer requests for reduction in prices from buyers.

In addition:

  •  73% of staged homes spend less time on the market.

  • 81% of estate agents say that buyers are able to visualise themselves living in a home that’s been staged, compared to a home that hasn’t.

  • 37% of estate agents representing buyers believe that offers are increased by 1 – 5% of the value of a staged home.

  •  22% of estate agents representing sellers believe that buyers offer a 6 – 10% increase on the value of a staged home.

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